The Representative of National Gallery of Indonesia, Mr. Zamrud Setya Negara’s speech at the opening of Berdiam/Bertandang Exhibition, 20 September, 2018

Talkshow – Berdiam/Bertandang

Talk Show session at The Opening of Berdiam/Bertandang Exhibition, with Mitra Salima from UNHCR, Brandon Baughn from Roshan Learning Center, Alia Swastika as the curator, and Art For Refuge Teacher, Chris Bunjamin.
On the 20th – 27th of September 2018, Art for Refuge (AFR) organized an Art Exhibition, Berdiam/Bertandang. The exhibition showcased 72 paintings and photographs from 27 artists. Curated by Alia Swastika, Berdiam/Bertandang was a presentation of the art activity involving several artists and students from Roshan Learning Center, a school for refugees. Katrina Wardhana, along
Young refugees join Indonesian artists in exploring the refugee experience through an art exhibition sponsored by Jakarta-based NGO Art for Refuge.