On the 20th - 27th of September 2018, Art for Refuge (AFR) organized an Art Exhibition, Berdiam/Bertandang. The exhibition showcased 72 paintings and photographs from 27 artists. Curated by Alia Swastika, Berdiam/Bertandang was a presentation of the art activity involving several artists and students from Roshan Learning Center, a school for refugees. Katrina Wardhana, along with artist photographer, Chris Bunjamin, actively share their knowledge and talents in the art and photography class for Roshan’s students.

Besides exhibiting the artworks from Roshan’s students and several refugee communities, Berdiam/Bertandang also showcased the artworks from two artists/AFR and Roshan voluntary teachers, Katrina Wardhana and Chris Bunjamin, and also several artists such as Mella Jaarsma, Sambunghambar, Mes 56, Amin Taasha and Mumtaz Khan Chopan.

Over eight days period, almost 1800 visitors attended not only to appreciate the artworks but also to understand more about the issue itself. AFR believes that art and digital media can be incorporated to create a platform to share the many compelling stories of refugees in Indonesia. More than that, through art, the refugees are able to feel the same comfort other people get when surrounded by family at home. Indonesia may not be their country of origin nor their permanent home, but they deserve to feel safe and welcome while they live here.

The exhibition might have already ended, but our mission to empower the refugee community is not over. We are now opening an opportunity for you to help refugee community by collecting artworks from Berdiam/Bertandang Exhibition. Go through the collection from this (link).