My name is Ansel and I am a university student from Perth, Western Australia. I have been studying at UWA and had the privilege of coming to Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the Project Winter Program 2020 with AIESEC at Universitas Indonesia. Through the program, I had the opportunity to volunteer alongside Art for Refuge
 “What’s challenging is not about becoming a woman who leads, but more about becoming a youth that is able to lead” That was the answer that I received from Katrina, during our virtual interview when I asked her about the challenges and obstacles she’s been facing as a woman-leader. Being a leader at the age
Sejak 2019, sebanyak 7.102 refugee atau pengungsi tercatat sudah berada di Jakarta. Sebanyak 35 persen di antaranya merupakan pengungsi dari Afganistan. Selanjutnya disusul pengungsi dari Somalia sebanyak 11 persen.  Tentu bukan tanpa alasan mereka meninggalkan sebagian besar hidup, rumah yang ia miliki dan keluarga. Sayangnya, kendati merasa keselamatannya terancam, pengungsi malah tidak dapat dilindungi oleh negara asalnya
On Friday – Sunday, 31st January – 2nd February 2020, Cecemuwe Café and Space with Art for Refuge, Atma Jaya’s Silver Program, Sisterhood Community Center, Roshan Learning Center, and Al Diaa Learning Center held an event titled Dialogue on Displacement: Refugee – Resident Partnerships. For refugees of all ages, one of the main issues in
Art for Refuge (AFR) has started an advanced Photography Class taught by Chris Bunjamin. In this class, the students from the previous basic class are learning new things about photography, creative-thinking, and concept development to create a piece of photograph. Chris allows his students to come up with their own ideas for the photograph. He