Berdasarkan laporan dari UNHCR pada Juni 2018, terdapat 68,5 juta jiwa di seluruh dunia yang terpaksa harus meninggalkan tanah tempat tinggalnya, di mana 25,4 juta orang di  antara mereka berstatus sebagai refugee. Ironisnya, lebih dari separuhnya berada di bawah usia 18 tahun. Indonesia sendiri, kini menjadi negara ‘transit’ bagi para pengungsi dan hingga Desember 2017, tercatat
Through a short documentary, Liaqat and his family told their compelling story of refugees’ hopes and dreams. The documentary which was produced by UNHCR with funds generously contributed by the European Union (the European Commission’s Department for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection/ ECHO), highlights the challenges faced by urban refugees in Jakarta, Indonesia, as well

Away from the parents

Living in a shelter without the parents is not easy. Hafiz, a 16-year-old boy from Afghanistan, shares his story with us. It has been two years he lives in Indonesia as a refugee since he fled from his home. It has also been two years since the last time he saw his family. Now, along