Talkshow – Berdiam/Bertandang

Talk Show session at The Opening of Berdiam/Bertandang Exhibition, with Mitra Salima from UNHCR, Brandon Baughn from Roshan Learning Center, Alia Swastika as the curator, and Art For Refuge Teacher, Chris Bunjamin.
On the 20th – 27th of September 2018, Art for Refuge (AFR) organized an Art Exhibition, Berdiam/Bertandang. The exhibition showcased 72 paintings and photographs from 27 artists. Curated by Alia Swastika, Berdiam/Bertandang was a presentation of the art activity involving several artists and students from Roshan Learning Center, a school for refugees. Katrina Wardhana, along
Young refugees join Indonesian artists in exploring the refugee experience through an art exhibition sponsored by Jakarta-based NGO Art for Refuge.
The National Gallery of Indonesia is usually associated with such artists as Raden Saleh, Affandi and other icons of the nation’s artistic history. This month it plays host to the works of asylum seekers and refugees in an exhibition entitled Berdiam/Bertandang, which means Stay/Visit.
Pengunjung melihat-lihat foto pada pameran seni rupa bertajuk “Berdiam/Bertandang” di Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Kamis (27/9). Karya dari seniman Katrina Wardhana dan Chris Bunjamin serta para siswa Roshan dan beberapa komunitas refugee tersebut menggambarkan catatan kehidupan dari para pengungsi.